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New Zealand's largest premium online dating site. It's completely free to join! FindSomeone is a private, safe and fun way to meet thousands of NZ singles. NZDating - Netguide Web Awards Winner 2004 - 2014. 9632 members with ads online today NZDating is an online dating site for men and women in New Zealand. Anyone can register on NZDating, provided they are of legal age. NZDating was designed to help men and women fulfill their desires. 3 reviews for NZDating, 2.0 stars: 'So dating sites in NZ and Ozie have less than one man per woman. NZDating has over two men per one woman. Totally free online dating site with no credit card required. Join the top free online dating site at Free Date ™. Completely free online dating for all. No credit cards, no nonsense, just the best free dating site and mobile personals service on the web! Why NZDating? As New Zealand's online dating service NZDating has been around since 1998 bringing together hundreds of thousands of Kiwis. Our job is to maintain a safe, clean environment Kiwis can access from the comfort and safety of their own home - so you can just have fun meeting new people! NZDating - Netguide Web Awards Winner 2004 - 2014 Nzdating - Nzdating.com traffic statistics ... unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations via e-mail, telephone, or facsimile; or (2) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that apply to VeriSign (or its computer systems). The compilation, NZDating: convenient and comfortable site for meeting people online. NZDating is an online dating site for men and women in New Zealand. Anyone can register on NZDating, provided they are of legal age. NZDating was designed to help men and women fulfill their desires. eDate has over 46 million singles to match with! Join and browse local profiles for free and start dating today! Dating.com is the Finest Global Dating Website In The World. Connect With Local Singles And Start Your Online Dating Adventure! Enjoy Worldwide Dating with Thrilling Online Chats And More! Bumble has changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better. Women make the first move. On iPhone + Android.

NZDating - Reddit

2020.02.01 20:51 grossmaer36 NZDating - Reddit

NZDating - Reddit
This site is New Zealand's one of the largest online dating site but...
I don't like this dating site absolutely so take a look at these good hookup dating sites and apps as NZDating best alternatives
NZDating best alternatives
Go good luck guys
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2017.04.09 02:04 high-score-a-saurus Online dating in NZ, just me or is it dead?

Good afternoon.
I was wondering if any NZ singles giving online dating a go had a similar experience, do you think that it is dead here? Every few years I have given online dating a run, I usually use NZdating, Okcupid and I also tried Findsomeone once.
Many years ago when I first tried these sites they were full of online users and I did get a couple of dates. Then I tried these sites for a couple of months this year to find that there is basically nobody on them anymore. Most users have been inactive for years and the few people that are active I swear were on these sites when I used them years ago.
Now I live in Christchurch which is possibly the worst place in the world to try and get a date, it may be that this experience is unique to the area. I have searched for all active users in the whole country though and even Auckland is very barebones.
The other issue is that most new dating sites require payment to use. Findsomeone requires you to pay to message people and as a man I never get messaged, I always have to do the messaging, so it sucks to have to pay for this kind of thing. What do you expect from the owners of Trade me though?
Anyhow, anyone else here have the same experience as me?
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2014.09.11 03:23 FatherCatholic New Zealand Dating sites?

Heyo, just wondering if anyone had some suggestions for New Zealand dating sites? I'm used to the more direct approach but since I've been moving around alot it's harder and harder to find someone who isn't already in a relationship.
I was just wondering what the best dating sites were in your guys experience. NZDating looks scummy as all hell but i'd like to hear what you guys think. Thanks in advance.
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2014.03.22 06:07 Humonious Odd situation on Grindr.

So a couple weeks ago, I had someone message me on Grindr.
Link to consolidated conversation screenshots.
Now, to clarify, I would not have bothered carrying on with this conversation if I knew it was going to head in this direction so quickly.
I was confused and annoyed, everything I stated in that conversation is true. I haven't been on nzdating in nearly a year. I was one of the few people who actually posted a photo of my own face.
This person had no photo and the only thing their profile said was
"Don't ask for pic skype weeds the fakes out if u wnt skype dnt ask for pic"
and they didn't appear on the grid at all. (I assume this is because the profile was freshly made and they still had the free week of Xtra, which I think gives you the option to not appear on the grid... correct me if I'm wrong.) I haven't bothered to block this person, as I was planning on reporting them if they messaged me again with similar things to say.
Since then I've had one other profile message me simply saying "Fraud" which had absolutely nothing on their profile. I didn't reply. I've also had several other photo-less, info-less profiles message me recently, I haven't replied to any of these even though they haven't said anything malicious.
I'm over it now and it doesn't bother me so much, but I suppose my question is: Has anyone been in a similar situation before? If so, how did you deal with it? Short of blocking them.
*Edit: clarification.
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2012.07.28 10:17 hotelninja Wanted to share our success story!

I just found this sub forum and I can't help but wanting to share my "we met online" story.
I've been on dating sites for a good 10 years and before that would meet people in chat rooms, etc. So I was no rookie to it. I've had all bad experiences with it but never gave up hope. Don't get me wrong, I did date guys that I met through school, work, etc as well. Something about online though, it's so convenient and as a SAP I seemed to communicate so much better through a keyboard.
I was never good at relationships. I got a reputation for it. I've had about 3 relationship over 2 months and none over 6. I would go from guy to guy fairly quickly. I seriously could not picture being with anyone longer and not getting bored, restless and just plain sick of them! I absolutely thought there was something wrong with me and spent ages trying to figure out why.
A few years ago I moved from New York to New Zealand by myself. I was on this AWFUL dating website called NZDating. It was a free site and a lot of creeps. Worst dating site I've come across. I was about to leave but before I did sent out an email to a really cute guy that seemed genuine but figured I wouldn't get a reply. I didn't have a picture up because I was tired of getting messages from guys with pictures of the penis in hand. He did reply though. It was his first time on a site and was about to close his account because of his experiences on it. He got out of a 9 year relationship less then a year ago was more curious then anything. I got my message off right on time.
After three weeks of talking all evening, every evening and realizing that wow, there is something here, I flew to his city (a 25 minute flight) and we met for the first time. We spent a perfect weekend together and I met his family. Everything just clicked. He flew to my city the next weekend and met my friends. For the next 3 months we rotated weekends, never missing one. We missed each other desperately during the weeks and he suggested moving in together (my city). I got a bit freaked out having never lived with anyone and always thinking I would not be able to. I eventually agreed and he moved and we found a bigger place.
Since then we've sent 3 months in NY together visiting my family, moved to two different cities and are now living in Australia together. We'll be married in November. He is absolutely my best friend. Through all the moving (job issues on my part) we've not had many friends but find that we only need each other. We complete each other perfectly and share everything. I've never gotten bored on him even though all my time outside of work is with him. We've had our share of obstacles, but only became stronger though it. I won't gush too much about how perfect we are together, but there are so many things that have happened in the past years that just blows my mind.
Good luck with your own stories. Just remember, when looking for love online, you need patience. If you have one bad experience (or like me 200) and quit, you might miss out on something great. Is it worth it? For me, HELL YES.
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