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1 Night 2 Days S3 E244: Dream in Your 40s Part II 181209

2018.12.11 14:39 Bren42 1 Night 2 Days S3 E244: Dream in Your 40s Part II 181209

2 Days 1 Night 1박 2일

1 Night 2 Days (also referred as '2 Days 1 Night') is a South Korean reality-variety show where the cast members take various trips throughout South Korea, including many offshore islands. While doing so, the members also go through various missions at a certain mealtime or a certain time of the day to earn rewards and to avoid punishments.
The show's motto is "Real Wild Road Variety". Its main concept is to recommend various places that viewers can visit in South Korea.
Accompany them on their journey, and you will see how much of Korea you're missing out on.
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Kocowa is an pay-to-stream website available in the USA. They release some of their content for free both on their own, and on their partner platform Viki 2-3 weeks after it aired.
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2017.07.19 19:27 Seftinho Variety person who could/should have been better due to their potential

I just want to throw this discussion out there. Do you have any variety person/entertainer in your mind that has so much potential but cannot really fulfill it?
I am making this post because it is inspired by one person and it's Haha. For me he has a lot of talents as entertainer, good at talking, quick-witted and in general just fun person. However, after a long time in variety his role seems limited as Jaesuk sidekicks and never really able to make a mark on his own and push for bigger things. I saw the early years of IC and Haha arguably in similar position with Hongchul and Hyungdon, but over the years both of them improved so much that Haha fell a little bit behind.
Both Hongchul and Hyungdon able to lead the show on their own now while Haha seems content with the support role and seems never will be main MC anyway. The likes of Hyungdon and Defconn (who even started later to Haha in variety) also showed more versatility to which partners could work well with them while Haha, like Myungsoo seems stuck under Jaesuk influence and seems not suitable for anyone other than Jaesuk in lead role
It is just a shame because I think it is already too late for Haha to improve dramatically (and he's good in his supporting role anyway), but he could have been someone better and more rounded
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